Verser Poemweaver's Song of Melgorehn


Verser sings:

"Now gather round
And I'll weave a poem
A tale of an ancient quest
With a powerful enemy
With heroes and the rest

The villian was a magiker
A warlock thru and through"
Verser sings:

"Once defeated, but grown more powerful
He'd sworn he'd do his best
To lay Kelfour's Landing to its rest
To squash that squatters nest

The Rumours of his return
Floated on the wind"
Verser sings:

"So many brave adventurers
Sought to bring him to his end
And gain a claim to wealth, fame
But to save the town that they so loved
Would put them to the test"
Verser sings:

"It was upon a shaded path
That Lythe L'Green did walk that day
And was the first to hear the thud
Of the dragon that fell from the sky
And as she walked she found that beast"
Verser sings:

"Lying silent, cold and hard
A humongous beast with colors that
Would put a peacock to shame
Lythe crept closer to see this sight
A gigantic thing it was
With imflass wings"
Verser sings:

"With scales and teeth of mein
Its eyes were dark forbiding holes
Its mouth was well agape
But no breath was heard
Or sign of life could Lythe perceive
Stepping closer Lythe rapped upon its side"
Verser sings:

"A metalic sound echoed in its gutt
Then Lythe thought,"Not beast at all!
"but some odd flying machine."

So Lythe called out what she had found
And others came to see"
Verser sings:

"This thing that fell from high above
This thing of strange design
Riverwind Entreri arrived and held Lythes trembling hand
And walked with her inside."
Verser sings:

"What they found inside were levers, pipes and knobs
But none of them did anything
'Cept raise groans from down the throat
So they continued on
Walking deeper into the beast
Around the tongue"
Verser sings:

"And down the throat
The wary pair did walk
And in the gutt they found a steaming cauldron
Another room had agate crushers
And several strange unknown devices

More folks arrived"
Verser sings:

"And other rooms were found
Debates soon raged on how things worked
Who the machine belonged to and why it was there
In one room they found a list of tasks to do
Find Terror's Stump it read"
Verser sings:

"Riverwind took command
Airioch became the pilot
Lythe crushed some agates and poured them in the cauldron
Machines bagan to groan
Bladder sacks filled with air
And the dragon it took off"
Verser sings:

"But as suddenly as it went up
The beast did fall again
For those inside
Things looked bleak
For they crashed with awful force
A force so strong that Lythe was killed and many others hurt"
Verser sings:

"It was then that Erebor Bordeaux
The High Priest of Eissa
Raised Lythe from the dead
Others came and helped that could
And soon they all were healed
The machine was prepared and fueled"
Verser sings:

"This time a ranger took the controls
And skyward they did climb
Soaring over mountains, canyons and farmlands
When they did land
They knew not where they were"
Verser sings:

"So they sent forth Wisraith, Beolost and Lythe
To reconnoiter where they were
After some lil walking they recognized the place
'Cept for an ancient stump
That filled thier hearts with dread"
Verser sings:

"Lythe recalled the list and did say
"This must be Terror's Stump!"
The trio returned to the machine
Reporting what they found
Again the beast was fueled an lifted into air"
Verser sings:

"Moments later it set down again
The stump beneath its wing

Suddenly a wicked laugh rang out
A voice said, "you are such fools!"
"you have done for me, what my servants failed.""
Verser sings:

"First his minions poured forth
But they were easily dispatched
With no hesitation Melgorehn, the mad warlock 
Burst into the room
No weapon or spell could harm him
Though the group did try"
Verser sings:

"Many cast and swung and died
It was than that Dagmar stepped forward
He said, "I'll stop this foe!"
"But I will need your help!"
With that Fxg Lorg weaved a spell of guidance"
Verser sings:

"Others did what they could do
Dagmar cast a ball of ice at the warlock's head
Melgorehn was not hurt
One more time Dagmar cast"
Verser sings:

"And Melgorehn was blown in half
With that his body changed its form
A gas cloud he became
It exited the dragon's mouth
I will return!
Some say they heard
But the battle had been won!"
Verser sings:

"Folks tended fallen friends
Then they found a treasure magnificent
They shared it evenly

Others participated in this quest
Alas it was long before my time 
And I do not know thier names"
Verser smiles.
Verser says, "the end"

You see Verser Poemweaver the Halfling Bard.
He appears to be in his 30's, has thinning white hair, grey eyes, and fair skin.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a wooden shield in his left hand.
He is wearing a heavy backpack, a leather sheath, a belt pouch, and some full leather.